Gaza Urgent Help

Gaza Urgent Help


Israel's 75 year occupation and all out bombardment of Gaza has left more than 8000 dead, almost 1.5 million Palestinians displaced and with no water, no electricity, no fuel and no way out the worst humanitarian crisis in generations is in front of us. There is an urgent need for people to access some sort of shelter, food, water and medical supplies. We are attempting to support in the region of 30,000 affected Gazans, with the majority being children. The situation is catastrophic. We have access to distribute aid and in these dire circumstances with global politics failing the Palestinians, the very base level of our action is to try to support those who have been affected. We also need to, as a global community, find plausible advocacy solutions to bring peace, sanctity and freedom to the Palestinian people.

At this hour of need, give whatever you can.

Everything counts.

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Urgent medical kit


Emergency Family Kit

This includes a food parcel, blankets, pillows and a hygiene kit (Menstrual Pads, Diapers, Soap, Wipes, Toothbrush)


Food and Water

Hot meals and Desalinated safe drinking water (10 litres each) for 30 people