It's not just us

It's not just us


Global economic instability means we are now living through difficult times.

Everything costs more, and many will think twice about what we buy and eat to make sure we have enough left to pay for heat. The most affected are marginalised communities who don't even have the ability to make changes or access to alternative options. Families in war torn countries, displaced people and refugees will find themselves struggling more than ever during the harsh winters. With food costs rising, and dwindling resources and aid, the most vulnerable within those communities like the elderly, newborn babies and children, often struggle with even the basics. Homes that have been bombed have holes and walls missing and are bitterly cold to live in.

Temporary shelters are not suitable for the winter months and often overcrowded and not insulated. It's not just us through this period of uncertainty and we all know that even the smallest of things can make a huge difference. In the case of the occupied Palestinians living in Gaza, warm clothes and blankets, a heater or a coat will go a long way to helping families through the changing season. The Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated places on Earth. It has a population of approximately 2.1 million people and has been under a land, sea and air blockade for years leaving 80% of the population dependent on humanitarian assistance to survive.

Your voices, donations, campaigns, protests and activism at large makes a lasting impact, more than you will know and also more than you can see. At the end of this year, many of us will be thinking about getting together with our loved ones, gifting one another, Christmas celebrations and new years eve. Amongst all of this, we ask everyone to remember all those who are affected most from our changing world.

Your support will make a huge impact. Give the gift of warmth:

£25 Warm blankets, coats and pyjamas for a family

£50 A heater for a home - giving year round warmth

And we ask you for your thoughts and prayers for all the persecuted communities across the world who have experienced unimaginable pain and devastation beyond our comprehension.

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May Allah SWT accept our Sadaka and reduce the suffering of the Palestinian people.
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Warm blankets, coats and pyjamas for a family



A heater for a home - giving year round warmth