A huge fire broke out in the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh yesterday (22nd March). The entire community is devastated. The refugee camp holds over a million Rohingya of which at least 80,000 live in the area where this fire has spread.

Children were seen running and searching for their family members. Horrific images and footage of children and elderly burned to death have been received and many deaths have already been reported. More than 10,000 homes are destroyed and the 80,000 affected once again find themselves with no home, no clothes, no belongings and nowhere to go.

It is vital we provide urgent support. Every single donation, big or small, right now will save lives.

Your donations will provide whats needed most right now:

  • Tarpaulin & bamboo to give immediate shelter
  • Household items for urgent livelihood: Jugs, pots, plates, cups, sleeping mat
  • Dignity Kits - Sanitary Pads, soap, gamsa cloth
  • Basic food pack

£50 will provide all of these things, and support an entire family that have lost everything. But please donate whatever you can. Even £5 will go a long way.

Thank you

Together we are stronger!

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