Winter Warmth for Rohingya

Winter Warmth for Rohingya

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Winter is upon us and having warm duvets, hot chocolate and a cosy roof above our head are things we are all so blessed to have. For the Rohingya community living in refugee camps in Bangladesh in temporary shelters made from bamboo and plastic sheets, the winter is a very harsh time. With little clothing to layer up, limited food rations, unpredictable weather conditions and freezing cold nights - staying warm becomes very very difficult. Covid has meant we are now more concerned than ever about keeping our immune system strong, but this is not so easy for the Rohingya living in camp conditions with so many elderly and children most vulnerable during the winter.

You can give the gift of some warmth this year by donating just £5 to provide a large blanket and warm food to a Rohingya family.

Before 2020 ends, let's support families get through this harsh winter.

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Winter pack
Winter pack

Each pack contains large blanket and hot meal


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