Rohingya Children Centres

Rohingya Children Centres

£1,500 per month

Our Rohingya Learning Centres in the Bangladesh refugee camps are a safe space for children of all ages. Both centres not only help young minds grow but also provide a routine, some sense of normality and encourage the children to slowly heal from the trauma they carry having experienced unimaginable violence.

For just £15 a month - you can support 2 children and help to give them the kind of foundation every child across the world deserves and desires.

Give this gift of hope and make a long lasting and meaningful difference.

Your monthly donation will provide the following:

  • Daily education which mixes Burmese and English Curriculums
  • Hygiene, healthcare & any medical attention the children may need
  • Uniform and educational equipment
  • A safe playing/therapy space
  • Basic faith education
  • A warm hub and home from home
  • Food / Clean drinking water
Rohingya Children Centres Rohingya Children Centres Rohingya Children Centres